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Tyne Wear Repeater Group

Serving Radio Amateurs In North East England. Keeper: Nancy Bone (G7UUR)

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If you need to contact the group please direct your enquiry to;
Nancy Bone (G7UUR)
Email: nancybone2001@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile: 07990 760920

We are happy to say that GB3TW repeater is moving up in the world with better coverage and the fusion repeater for GB3TW is full steam ahead with the presentation formally by LAM, who are sponsoring the repeater which will be provided, to Nancy Bone G7UUR at the Fog on the Tyne rally on 24th October 2015.

The NOV for full fusion authorisation is being applied for and that the repeater will be set for full fusion capability. Fusion is coming to the Only 2M repeater in Tyne and Wear and it is being presented at the only rally in the county.

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Please help if you can with support and donations.
Donations help pay for the repeater service on Tyneside. Just £5.00 per year from each amateur would pay all the costs.